Newcastle Laboratories

Compliments, Suggestions or Complaints

The Cellular Pathology department encourages everyone to send us their compliments, suggestions and complaints, as sometimes this is the only way we know where our service may not be fully meeting the needs of users. In this way we can continually improve the service we offer.

Of course, we all like to think we are doing a good job, so we also like to hear form anyone about what we have done well or what people are particularly pleased about, so that we can pass this on to the staff involved.

A continued two way approach to resolving problems and issues is the best way to ensure the optimum patient care.

Any complaints about the Cellular Pathology Laboratory service should be addressed to Sarah Leigh Nicholson, ( or preferably in writing, as soon as possible after the problem is identified to allow us to investigate promptly.

Please supply as much information as possible.

Please bear in mind that the laboratory is not responsible for samples that do not reach it, and any samples that are sent from clinical areas but go missing in transit should be investigated by the sender in conjunction with the specific transport system utilised (e.g. porter, taxi, courier etc.).

Please also see the Laboratory Medicine Sample Collection and Acceptance Policy here