Newcastle Laboratories

Autoimmunity and Allergy

The North East’s Regional Immunology and Allergy Unit at the RVI and is one of the largest units of its kind in the UK.

Patients attend the unit from across the North of England, from Cumbria, North Yorkshire, the Borders and into Scotland. Patients may be experiencing conditions ranging from common allergies such as hay fever and food allergies, to complex auto-immune diseases and immunodeficiency problems.

This section carries out:

  • Autoantibody Screen
  • Rheumatoid Factor
  • Coeliac Screen
  • Double Stranded DNA (dsDNA) Antibodies
  • Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (CCP) Antibodies
  • Total IgE
  • Allergen Specific IgE

Other laboratory information

The Laboratory is very pleased to collaborate in original work, where this can be fitted in to the routine work. It is important that any trials involving additional testing, outside that required for normal clinical care, are discussed beforehand with the Consultant staff, who will provide details of the costs involved. Where novel assays, not routinely available, are required, the laboratory may be able to develop them for specific projects.