Newcastle Laboratories

Professor Johannes Attems

Johannes Attems-M

Cellular Pathology

Professor of Neuropathology and Honorary Consultant Pathologist

2000-2009, specialized training then Consultant Pathologist and Head of the Laboratory for Neuropathology at the Pathologic-Bacteriologic Institute, Otto Wagner Hospital, Vienna.

2009, appointed as Clinical Academic in Newcastle.

I am Director-Neuropathology of the Newcastle Brain Tissue Resource, Chair of Neuropathology Proceedings Group – Brains for Dementia Research, Editor in Chief of Acta Neuropathologica Communications and member of the MRC Brain Banks Network.

My scientific work is focused on clinicopathological correlative studies in neurodegeneration, using advanced techniques to quantify the load of pathological protein aggregates in the human brain.

Publications (selection of over 140; h-index, 28)