Newcastle Laboratories

Dr. Tuomo M. Polvikoski

Tuomo Polvikoski-M

Cellular Pathology

Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist


Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist

Licentiate in Medicine, Specialty in Pathology, Specialty in Neuropathology, Doctor in Medical Sciences

Studied medicine in the University of Helsinki, Finland. Licentiate in Medicine in 1987. Specialised in pathology (histopathology) in the Jorvi Hospital, Espoo, Finland and department of pathology, Helsinki University Hospital 1988-1994. Consultant pathologist (histopathologist) in the Helsinki City Hospital 1994-2000. Researcher of the Finnish Academy 2000-2001. SpR in neuropathology 2001-2002, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. Current post since November 2002. Main research interest: pathology of neurodegenerative diseases. Currently 56 publications in peer reviewed medical journals.