Newcastle Laboratories


Pathology is an essential tool in the diagnosis of disease and underpins patient care and treatment. Here in Laboratory Medicine our ethos is focused on the delivery of a first-class service which puts the patient at the centre of all we do. We are always striving for excellence and are dedicated to continually improving the services we provide to our users. The staff in Laboratory Medicine are committed to providing the very best in diagnostic testing and we offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our users.

In order to deliver a first class service a pathology laboratory must be:


We ensure that we deliver safe and accurate results, which have been properly interpreted, to our users in a timely manner. We perform IQC on all of our tests to ensure that we can have total assurance in the results we provide. Our laboratories are accredited by CPA (UK) and participate in EQA schemes to make certain that we are performing to a high standard.


We are proactive in continually trying to improve the service we deliver to our users. We regularly monitor our performance against Key Assurance Indicators and when an area for improvement is identified, we devise and implement action plans for development. We regularly seek feedback from our users so that we can make sure their needs are met and we uphold a culture of reflective practice, honesty and openness in the workplace as we strive to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. We promote creativity and originality so that everyone feels they can contribute to the delivery of a high quality service.


We are constantly scanning the horizon for medical and therapeutic advancements so that we can respond quickly to the varied and changing needs of patients and users. We look at new pioneering technologies on offer to us so we can enhance patient services and tailor our techniques to the requirements of our clinicians. We are innovative and forward-thinking and have developed mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers so that we can stay ahead of the game and be ready for change when it is needed.