Newcastle Laboratories

Jennifer Collins


Laboratory Medicine Management Team, Microbiology & Virology Services

Laboratory Manager

Laboratory Manager

Qualifications: F.I.M.L.S. CSci

Jennifer leads and supports a team of specialist staff to enable provision of a high quality Microbiology & Virology service.

Jennifer has 30+ years Microbiology experience. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science and is currently a member of its Scientific Advisory Panel. She is also Deputy Chief Examiner for Microbiology.

Her areas of interest are enteric Microbiology and infection prevention & control. She has recently undertaken courses in Leadership and Management and Service Improvement.


Recent publications:

K.A. Hill, J. Collins, L. Wilson, J.D. Perry, F.K. Gould. Comparison of two selective media for the recovery of Clostridium difficile from environmental surfaces. Journal of Hospital of Infection 83 (2013) 164-166

J. Vanek, K. Hill, J. Collins et al. Epidemiological survey of Clostridium difficile ribotypes in the North East of England during an 18-month period. Journal of Hospital Infection 81 (2012) 209-212