Newcastle Laboratories

Isha Rizal


Microbiology & Virology Services

Advanced Biomedical Scientist

Advanced Biomedical Scientist – Section Lead for Mycology

Qualifications: Bsc (Hons), MSc and MIBMS

Isha has worked in Microbiology & Virology services since starting out as a placement student. She is currently a section lead providing a specialised Mycology service. She also organises the annual Mycology meeting for the Northern region to update the knowledge of technical and clinical users in Mycology. She is involved in carrying out and presenting audits in the Mycology section, recently having completed Candidemia and Pneumocystis audits.

Isha provides supportive role to the training officer. She is a qualified mentor and assists staff undergoing IBMS generic and specialist portfolios. Isha’s role in the laboratory also involves operation, maintenance and management of the Bruker MALDI-TOF MS system.