Newcastle Laboratories

COVID-19 Pandemic Statement

Whilst we will make every effort to provide results for our assays within the turnaround times stated on this website during the COVID-19 pandemic, some less urgent assays may need to be delayed due to re-distribution of staffing. During this time we will be concentrating our efforts on the provision of an acute service for our patients, which may mean test  prioritisation. At this time we are unsure how long the situation will continue but we have to assume it will be in place for weeks to months, depending on the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that you understand this situation and will be patient with any extensions in turnaround times noticed in our results returning to you.

We wish to extend our appreciation to all our laboratory, scientific and clinical staff for the determination and flexibility they have displayed during this time.  This has enabled us to continue to produce high quality results while minimising the impact on our turnaround times.

Any issues can of course be discussed with the laboratory at any time and updates will be provided periodically as appropriate and as the situation develops.