Newcastle Laboratories

Specimen Acceptance
and Rejection

The Blood Transfusion laboratory follows strict guidelines on sample labelling. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for sample/request form labeling:

  • Do positively identify the patient by asking them to state their name and date of birth.
    • In-Patients – information on the wristband MUST match the information given by the patient.
    • Out-Patients – information in the notes MUST match the information given by the patient.
  • Do label samples next to the patient e.g. bedside and hand write the sample tube?
  • Do label the tube and request form with a biohazard sticker if this information is known?
  • Do sign the declaration on the request form as this is a legal requirement.
  • Don’t stick addressograph or eRecord labels on transfusion sample tubes. They can be used for the request form.
  • Don’t pre-label sample tubes.

Rejection Criteria

Samples will be rejected in the following circumstances:

  • The minimum essential information is missing from the sample or request.
  • The sample and request form information do not match.
  • The sample is unlabelled or otherwise unsuitable (e.g. wrong tube type, addressograph or eRecord label on sample).

The laboratory will allow certain amendments to be made and will contact the medical officer/practitioner stated on the request form. Amendments must be made by the staff member who took the specimen (evidence of the correct patient data must be provided) and can be made within 24hours (Ante Natal samples up to 5 days).