Newcastle Laboratories

Sending a Sample

Specimens are to be sent to NEHODS specimen reception using a NEHODS Diagnostic Kit (distributed from NEHODS Centralised Specimen Reception) along with a request form.


NEHODS Diagnostic kit
Transport box, UN3373 PathoShield 8 (pre-labelled with the address above)
Sealable, internal bag. (Unique tracking number may be used)
2 x 4 ml EDTA tubes
1 x 5 ml Lithium Heparin tube for cytogenetics
2 x 5 slide transport containers


Request form
Request forms are to be printed from within Haemosys ( or here.  Please ensure one copy of the request form for each type of specimen is included in the box.

If the patient sample has not been entered into Haemosys, please click here to download a blank request form.  Please ensure all patient demographic information, clinical details and date and time of sample are clearly indicated.